FAQs, Guidelines, and Other Useful Community Information


Burning of woody debris only is permitted in the subdivision

You should report burn plans to the Sheriff administration/business office # 307-332-5611.  Do NOT call 911 to discuss burn pile plans. The admin/business office will request that you call back when your burn is finished.  Calling the Sheriff will avoid having the Dubois Fire Dept and/or the Sheriff’s deputy arriving at your property when a neighbor or passerby notices the smoke.  Be safe, be smart, let’s all work together to preserve ULWS and the surrounding area

Wintertime, when some snow is on ground is the preferred time for a burnpile.

Owners are responsible for any and all damage/expenses caused on neighboring property or federal/state/county lands from an out-of-control /negligent fire originating from their property.

For more information to help you do this right, go to the Fremont County Firewise site here


–> Tree thinning and general forest debris cleanup  

All plans for cutting of green live trees on private property must be pre-approved by your Homeowners Association by emailing them at “BoardOfDirectors@ulwsa.com”.

Cutting of dead standing trees is permitted and does not require pre-approval.


Discharge of firearms should only be done in accordance with local, county, and state regulations, and at no time are you permitted from shooting from or across public roads, HOA-maintained roads, nor property not owned by you.  Enjoy your slice of heaven, and consider your neighbor’s peace and quiet as you consider where and how to discharge firearms. We ask that we all avoid situations where one neighbor creates a nuisance for another – we are all in this together.  Thank you!

Your board suggests the national forest or the Dubois Gun Club Shooting Range as two prefered places where you can enjoy shooting in a safe and neighborly way.



The main county road through our subdivision is posted at 25 MPH.  This safe, respectably, and responsible speed also protects the road from excess wear & tear (wash-boarding).  We ask that you help do your part by keeping your speed down and encourage your guests to do same – Thank you.

Subdivision side roads are maintained by the HOA at homeowner expense.  The slower you drive, the better the roads stay in and the less your board needs to spend to maintain them.


The HOA will pay to have subdivision roads graded, ditched, and maintained where and when necessary.  If any road is driveable in a standard equipped 2WD privately registered and licensed passenger vehicle at a speed of between 8-15 mph (See examples used for guidance in our Library), that road or section of road would not be considered in need of maintenance.  A Failed road where travel speed is estimated to be 0-8 mph and likely to cause vehicle damage if traversed at a higher speed or a standard passenger vehicle is likely to high center, will be maintained, except that during the muddy season that road or section of road will be maintained after the muddy season and upon re-assessment, provided that road or section can be traveled in a standard equipped 4WD pickup truck privately registered and licensed and without causing undue further road damage.  During the muddy season, driveability will be significantly more impaired on some roads. This would be maintained only under the guidelines in the Damage section below. Applicable roads in the subdivision are Hart Trail, Hart Ct, Little Warm Springs Rd, Spring Creek Trail, Bachelor Creek Ct, Spruce Creek Ct, and Geyser Creek Ct

Obvious damage or failure evidenced by such events as, but not limited to, culvert washout, sloughing of uphill or downhill, etc that prevents the passage a standard 4WD privately registered pickup of any road above will be repaired/maintained by the HOA.

As a reminder, we encourage all homeowners and their guests to to drive within the speed limits cited above (maximum of 25 MPH)….the slower we all drive, the better the road surface becomes and the less it will cost us to maintain.

→ SNOW PLOWING:  (See Library for more information on this)

The main road through the middle of our subdivision, Soda Springs Dr and Geyser Creek Connector, are plowed by the county.  

Individual property owners are allowed to plow snow off of subdivision roads.  Any property owner or those who are contracted/authorized by property owners, assume full liability for damage to water lines, utilities and road surfaces (i.e. scraping up gravel or hard base with the plow blade….avoid picking up gravel while plowing or blowing).

Any hired equipment operators should bonded in order to protect the property owner from liability, and conduct themselves in a professional and competent manner maintaining familiarity and adhering to all of the snow removal guidelines (see the Library) which include, but are not limited to:

-> Always keep blade above gravel road surfaces in order to leave some snow cover on the road.  If you see gravel in your berms you are doing damage to the road surface. Repairs by the HOA will be billed to the property owner or snow plower/blower engaged by the property owner.

-> Give utility pedestals a very wide berth and there should never be a berm up against them.  

-> Do not berm up driveway entrances, to include unoccupied residences.

-> Do not push snow out onto the main county road.  

-> There are no restrictions for snow-plowing on your own private property.



We are fortunate to be surrounded by millions of acres of mountain, forest, and wildlife as part of the Shoshone NF – undoubtedly at least one reason we all chose this great place to live.  What comes with that beauty and access, however, is the seasonal arrival of cattle that are permitted to graze on the NF allotment adjacent to our subdivision and adjacent ranch land. Wyoming, for the vast majority, is a fence out state for cattle, meaning that landowners who prefer not to have livestock on their property are responsible for fencing them out.  Here in the ULWS subdivision, the Warm Springs Ranch lease includes a fence in agreement , meaning the ranch owner/operator is required to keep their cattle out of subdivision lots.  This includes barbed wire and buck and rail fencing. If you need the name of the Warm Springs Ranch to call in a compliant, ask a question, or give a compliment, please email the board at “BoardOfDirectors@ulwsa.com”.